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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Homemade renovation that is a luxurious house

Everybody wants the world's best home and best wishes for him. However, one thing is to remember that there is more art and skill for home renovation, because it is more than an art to spend renovation money. It is always a job to do a french Gives us passion and encouragement. Homemade renovation and up.
Broadcasting is not a simple and easy task, it also plays a role in our aesthetics, apart from modern trends, how to make home renovation and upgrades. That also increases home value. Good planning is necessary for this, because it will help us to control costs and we will not have to work hard during the process of finding different elements.

Make a list of requirements

Once you allocate a budget for home renovation, at the other stage, you will have to prepare a list of elements you are about to make for home renovation, order order. .
Do not forget what you have done before
The first thing you need to do, is that you create a small inventory of things you already have. Then you have to plan a plan to keep things you want to buy, for that you have to work with a regular plan.

Balance required

In many aspects of this stage of renovation, the proportion must be set up. The ratio between the size of the furniture and the size of the category, the proportion of the selected elements, because investments should always be budgeted. Furniture is simple but do not compromise on quality. You see the harmony between the designs and colors, so that the appearance of the house stirred in such a way that the watcher keeps watching.

Living room settings

It does not matter much that your living room is small or large, whatever color you keep there, the color of the other things in the room, thus the color of the chairs there is also something that can be done Make sure to take a minute. Shuffle's color should be like that, in which the things kept clearly appear and the effectiveness of the room. It is a good impression if TV TV is a modern style. Keep furniture with good setting around it, so that the room's magnitude increases.


Playing with rhythm is a favorite adventure of children. Change their layout Change the drains' handles and see the effects.

Old Cabinets

Wake up your creativity. Companate old wardrobes and present them in a new look.

The walls

The first thing that draws attention to us is the walls. So save the walls of your home from being stubborn and dirty. Paint your home according to your wish and choice and enjoy the charming colors of the house.


Paint the doors and windows and make the main entrance of your home brilliant and welcome.

Restore the sofa

Change the setting of your صوفے سیٹ, follow the latest trend and see how different your home will look, this change will make you feel very pleasant.

Fresh curtains

If you can not put a new screen, then freshen up and fragrant curtains make fresh changes in the house.

Correct lightning

The light affects the smooth and comfortable style of any place. In the kitchen, make sure that the light is cooking right in the counter at the counter.

Air and light

Absolute home and natural light is a natural home attractive. If you do not have enough fresh air and light passage in your home, a beautiful roof terrace and dying flaws can prevent its intensity from falling short.

Kitchen drawer

The well-designed kitchen floors play an important role in kitchen management and maintaining the direction of your life.

Deep up cleaning

Once you can find a comprehensive cleaning for a short time, find every corner or corner of the house, there you will see dirty and dirty dust, since which you have been ignoring the disorder.

Shiny glass

A perfect shiny glass will make your home bright and spacious.
The main part of the bathroom house
It's better if the bathroom has at least the furniture. There are hooks and hanging hooks available to keep things. There is a suitable location for shower and tap, bars, etc.

Kitchen Sealing

Unique dark or bright colors, whatever you like, today you will find the best design and color in every kind of color. You can also take vessels and other dishes in terms of kitchens' colors. From the hook to slab and vessels to the refrigerator cluster, you can choose all the items according to your choice and style.

Air and light

Absolute home and natural light is a natural home attractive. If you do not have enough fresh air and light passage in your home, a beautiful roof terrace and dying flaws can prevent its intensity from falling short.

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