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Saturday, 15 September 2018

Idea White Kitchenette Design Ideais

The house built with an antique (antique) style is not a white color. When antique is spoken, it refers to natural colors, such as using wooden wooden furniture. However, if you want to make a healthy and versatile kitchen (white), white color scheme can be the best choice for you. Storage and display cabinets in the kitchen are the most prominent item. That's why it is very important to pay special attention to cabinets when you choose antitric design design, because this will make your kitchen unique.

Antique White Kitchen Cabinets

Look at this cooking scheme of white clarification. It looks beautiful and stylish. Antic design has been selected for cabinets in this kitchen. You can choose any color of decorating in this match with white color items. White looks good with almost every color. So when white color in the kitchens is centralized, you do not have to worry too much in using any other matching color. Countertop has been kept to keep the brightness rising from the white color.

Neo-classical Concept

Cabinets have been given a high-quality design in this kitchen that the eyes are just watching. The upper layer of cabinets is given a glass look, where the ceiling lights are mounted. Actually, with an antique white cabinets, lightweight almond ring, and dark brown flooring, you do not need to do anything more to decorate the color of this black-colored counter.

Simple & Efficient

Many people prefer to keep their kitchens simple. For those such people, the quality of the kitchens is slow in simplicity and practice so that the work in the kitchen keeps moving at its own speed and nothing can be hindered. Simple white color kitchens are 'classic design'. Lighting Pendants have been installed above the window to highlight the citations of cabinets. These lightweight Pendants offer excellent views between the existing antic cabins on the corners.

Chocolate Glaze

Small but luxurious .. After seeing this kitchenette design, everyone will have the same opinion. Antic white kitchen cabinets are in great harmony with chocolate tones used here. It is the effect of the same harmony that despite the color of the coconut cabinets white, it appears to be a chocolate color glimpse.

French Door Design

Off-lite color is used in this antique kitchens design. When French-door designs have been adopted for cabinets. The wooden floor is designed by the scandal navy design. Gray color (granite) is used for countertop. The design of a water tank in Kakar Sink also reminds the Mughal era.


Kitchens U-Shaped Design Ideal for Antioxidant Crane Cabinets. This is a different thought, so if you are accustomed to working in the design of a general design, then you will feel a little different. The main way to work in the kitchen and to go. Another varieties in this cabinets are use of granite instead of wood on its countertop, maybe designers are reminded that antic cakes are like this.

Clean Antique

Antioxidants say that the ancient is taken longer, so the minutes of kinetic cabinets are used with the same compatibility. However, if you do not want Rustic Kitchens Cabinets and want to retain their Antic Look, then this design is for you. In Antique Kitchen Cabinets, you can also keep food and drink items. In this kitchen the installation of light and lightning has been demonstrated.

Classic Paneling Profiles

This kitchen has a classic design. The cabinets connected with the floor are kept white, white rustic shelves are installed on the white granite wall. Due to the dining table, the painted paint in this great kitchen design has not been a bit too much. If it is painted in its original color, the picture will be fixed.

Shelf and storage as well

Some things in the house are quite simple but useful in looking, apparently it seems that their appearance is minor, if it is not at home, there will be no difference, but for a moment even if It is very difficult to imagine storage or decoration at home. It seems very difficult. Shelf is one of the main requirements of the house that is made of wooden skirts and simple, but when it is kept in decorations as well as decoration It also seems to be the value of the shelf.
It is a useful and decorative furnishings available in any room in the room that stores you on one side and provides luggage protection. They keep luggage, distribute it, decorate, and other important purposes. Today it is our theme today: How do we use it to do and how to use it in our home today ... today we will lighten up our ideas on shelves related to home modernization and storage through shelves and shelf's trends. You can mention the decoration or storage you can choose during.

Library shelf

Library Shelf consists of wooden shelves, based on classical style, in which various sections present to store those books, decorations, whatever you want to keep. They are in length from the floor to ceiling, which are installed on a wall of the room and affect the room decoration. So, the most important question about decorating through shelf shelf is where it puts it. Experts offer a living room because the living room is a special room for this, so if the wall library is allocated for Shelf, the room will not be too short. The section customizes the library in Shelfrey Shelf. TV can also be used as well, but since the days of the LED are in place, so TV k in library shelf The tradition has become old and now it has been used only for shelf books and only decorating money.

Modular Shelf

The mention of the presence of the plants in the bedroom, but the use of the use of the bedroom does not affect the question, it is also important, if you want it, the use of the modular shelf may be the best for you. The shelf of the bedroom Garments or plants can be used after applying on a single wall, on one side they will increase the decor of your room, on the other hand, they can also use the plants in the bedroom.

Stear shelf

There is a staircase in your home that is irritable or is not used as if it is like this, so use the staircase and decorate your home Yes! Steering shelf storage as well as in your living room decoration This work can be used to make use of decorations and decorations of color schemes. After colorful lubrication, this ladder can be used as a magazine, decorating money or decorative dumplings. The home decor trend specialty from the shelf shelf It is, leather shelf is home decorated for decorative or storage.
The Closed Shelf
Shelf used in each other is more commonly used in shelves, usually shelf as well as shelf cabinets, are shelf's indoor glasses, as well as enhance the beauty of the kitchen as well as your home with the trend specialty. If you do not like using glasses for these shelves, the sliding strings is also the best choice. Apart from water, the shelf can also be used in the dining room.

Floating shelf

Sometimes simplicity can also be much better than thousands of decorated spendings, Floating shelves are also one of them, they are available in the market in either small or large size sizes, one or two on a wall of the room, Three to four styles can be installed stylishly, on one side it will enhance the beauty of your room, on the other hand, you will also be able to keep your honorary rewards, decorating money, decorating clubs on the other.

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